Not Bad, I Guess

This week wasn’t all that bad, I guess. I mean, I only had to be in school earlier than 10 AM for 3 days which is probably worse than being next in line in the cash register when your mom hasn’t arrive yet after having forgotten her precious Butter Bread. Okay, fine. I’m exaggerating but God knows how much I hate going to school early despite the fact that I wake up at around 5-6 AM every day. But there’s an upside to that too. I get to spend a lot of time with my Marketing and OPMAN groupmates which is very important! Dude, we’ll be together for like a month more before we leave the country. Then we’ll be together for JTA Hell Sem 2 which will make it less of a hell, I guess.

So yeah. This week was comprised of early meetings with the Ateneo Innovation Center, meetings with groupmates, tutor and alone time. The people from AIC are really helpful in the innovation aspect of our product for Marketing. I just wish that’s enough to help us get past the panelists criticisms come final defense. I believe this week, I got to know more about my new friends. It’s not just knowing about their life stories (ehem, ehem love life) but also knowing about who they are. How they talk, interact with other people, react to certain situations, etc. So that’s really nice.

Thursday, June 13, 2013, was a good day. We hade free dinner from McDonald’s. They’re launching this new product called McSpicy which is basically a spicy chicken sandwich. It was good. Also, we received our Midterm exam results in Philosophy. I GOT A 3! 3 IS EQUIVALENT TO B! I did not expect that which makes it more fulfilling! I really thought having answered poorly 2 hard follow-up questions from sir meant jeopardizing my grade. I’m just so happy. (I wish Kristi smiled)

IMG_1278 IMG_1280

Today, I had a long day. Woke up really early to be fitted. This is for my sister’s debut in August. Then I went to one of my groupmate’s, Justin’s, house to conduct yet another survey for Marketing. It was pretty fun though. We had some sort of sharing session which composed of totally interesting love life victories and tragedies. Haha. I kept quiet though as I’ve never had a love interest. I didn’t want to meddle and intervene with something I can’t even relate to. Now, as I think about it. It seems pretty sad. I mean, I’m in third year college and I’ve never had one but ugh whatever.



After that, I went to the mall to meet with my mom. We went on a date. Haha I bought new shoes. Then we bought a Fathers’ Day gift for papa. Then I bought new shoes again. It was pretty tiring but I’m contented. We had Chinese food in Causeway afterwards. I love their wide selection of Dimsum. I need not ask for more.


Tomorrow, we watch Man Of Steel (Shoot, I have yet to reserve tickets!) then eat at The Buffet to celebrate Fathers’ Day.


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